Demonization of Ancient Knowledge

Throughout my past couple years of studying spirituality, I have learned a great amount about the world, the universe, and the human body. This knowledge has helped me to understand the subconscious/consciousness of the mind to a certain degree. It has changed the way I think and has made me more open-minded. 

These ancient teachings once understood could unlock the mysteries hidden within the subconscious mind and help us raise our consciousness to the apex. It is information that should be shared and implemented in our lives. But yet this great knowledge is for the most part hidden from the masses. Many people (particularly religious people) considered it as evil and devil worship. 

Topics such as Metaphysics, Astrology, Gnosticism, etc. are frowned upon in religious circles. It is why certain people (talking about myself mainly) who study this information are scared to share it with others. I know for me personally, I wouldn't share any of this particular with my closest friends and some family members. They wouldn't understand it first of all (which I could understand) and to be honest most of them would condemn it because they believe it goes against their faith. I think it is shame because I believe those who follow a particular belief system could benefit from learning this information. They will gain a better and deeper understanding of their beliefs. 

These teachings have been more openly shared and accepted in this generation, but it is still looked at as evil to most people today. I do believe metaphysics, astrology, Gnosticism, etc will become widely accepted again in the near future. You could bury the truth for so long as it'll eventually rise to the surface yet again. 

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