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Quick Thoughts on Social Groups

Often times I think about social constructs and groups. I often ask myself, why do people constrict themselves to one philosophy/concept? People love to fall into a category or title. 

"I'm a Christian!" 

I'm a Feminist!" 

I'm a Left-wing liberal conservative!"

Ok, the last one I got a little carried away but you know what I mean. Most people live and die by these concepts and ideas as if they need these identities to define who they are. We as people tend to have a  "fit in, in order to be whole" mindset. Generally speaking, we feel a need to belong to an established group. We don't want to think for ourselves, instead, we choose pre-existing ideas and philosophies to live by.

To me, these social groups and constructs are so limiting to the mind. The mind is so vast and limitless. There is so much explore. Ideas and information are all around us. The mind is so beautiful for me to be stuck to one way of thinking. 

I choose not to fall under any of these constructs. I want to free to live the way I want without hurting others. More Importantly, I want to be free to think and learn about all the possibilities and outcomes life has to offer. 

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