Keep Thine Eye Pure: Third Eye Open

The third eye is one of the key components of spirituality. It is very significant to everyone’s spiritual path in life. For those on the journey to enlightenment, it is imperative to open the third eye and maintaining to keep the third eye open. The third eye, also known as the pineal gland, Is our access to the truth.


The third eye is our access to experience a higher dimensional plane. Many people experience extraordinary things when the third eye is opened. The pineal gland is our connection to the creator.

In this society we live in, we are bombarded by propaganda and lies. We are constantly distracted by things that are not beneficial to our health and wellness i.e. mindless entertainment. Also, there are many people who don’t eat a proper diet. It is this kind of lifestyle that prevents us from our third eye to be open.

The third eye allows one to see beyond the veil of illusion. It opens the door to the truth. But for one to access that door it could take years of physical and mental work. The third eye is like a precious jewel that needs to be cleansed. It is said that the third eye could be greatly affected by the food we eat and most importantly by the water we drink.

Tap water is known to have a great amount of fluoride which is very detrimental to the pineal gland (third eye). Large consumption of fluoride can calcify the third eye. This can prevent you from accessing its full potential. However, there are ways to decalcify the pineal gland. A healthy alkaline diet, drinking non-fluoride water, and meditation is some great ways to clean out the pineal gland.

We were all born with an eye that pierces through the fog. Our third eye is our ability to see the world beyond. It allows us to explore a reality far beyond our imagination. The third eye is our one true eye, once it is open and clear we see past the illusion. So it is important that we Keep Thine Eye Pure!

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