SevenGeez-The One Year Journey


It has been one year since I started Gseven Apparel. Going into it I didn't know anything about starting a clothing line. I remember that one July day where I simply googled how to start a t-shirt brand. From there, I watched a number of Youtube videos on designing and marketing. I then started to create some concept designs. I was able to create two designs which I use for my first set of shirts. 


I was very happy with the way it turned out. After making my design, I created the website which was a very fun experience. Now that I had my designs and my website ready to go, It was time to launch.

I went back on social media after taking about a two-year hiatus to promote the official launch of Gseven Apparel. It was very difficult for me to jump back on social media after leaving it behind. Friends were surprised because they knew how much I despised Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter lol! Then on September 24, 2017, I made my big announcement on Facebook. The reception I received was great. Friends were so amazed and A good friend of mine bought a shirt that very same day (Thanks Dru!). I felt that day was such a success. 


The first few months of the journey went by very slow. I took my time and I was very patient with every move I made. I had no worry in my mind or doubt that I was going to fail. The first set of designs I rolled out received a good reception from many people. However, A common thing that I've heard from people was "I don't know what the designs mean." There was a sense of confusion in my t-shirt designs. I kept hearing "I don't get it" and "what does it mean?"   

Hearing that over and over again really affected my approach toward designing. It changed my mindset toward my brand drastically due to the feedback. I decided to change my strategy. I wanted to create something spiritual but very easy to understand. With that said, I went back to the drawing board and created new designs. I came up with a slogan for my brand "Find Your Own Definition." I was heading in a new direction. The feedback I've received from the new design was great. I was very happy with how things were turning out. 

I thought this change was going to take me to the next level quickly but nothing really changed. Sales were still very slow and pretty much nonexistent. I was trying out new ways to market my brand but it seems like nothing was working. This left me frustrated and depressed. I wanted to give up. I wasn't sure if I was going to be successful if I were to continue.


Thinking deeply about where I was going with my business, I made the decision to continue the business. I realized if I quit then I'll be going back to the same life I was frustrated with. I knew this brand had the potential to grow if I just stick with it and continue to build on the foundation that was set. I've created something that resonated with people to a certain extent. Giving up was way too easy for me. I wanted to keep it going and continue to grow the business. 


Looking back at everything I've done up to this point, I definitely didn't do many things right. From marketing to my website design, I've made plenty of mistakes. Most importantly, I procrastinated so much. While I have put in some time into my business, I feel as though I should've worked a little harder on my business. Doing things like advertising and networking a little more would've really helped grow my brand. I've gotten distracted by other things that made me lose focus on my goals.

I realized these mistakes and I'm trying my best to change. I realized I have to be more focused and attentive otherwise my brand will fail. I have made changes and constantly thinking of new ways to market and advertise. I've learned so much this past year. This journey has made me think about things much differently than before. This only way to go is up from here. I will continue to work and grow this brand until I reach success. The Journey continues...

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