Ideas, like alchemy, are powerful in that they transform matters into material form. Through the sorcery of friendship and the loving support of the community; my brand, Seven G’s was birthed beyond just an idea. Seven G’s comprises a journey that took me breaking free from the corporate system, taking risks, weaving spiritual life and using art as my platform. The sole purpose of this brand is to inspire: encourage, connect, and stimulate love. The brand speaks to all who seek truth and is a calling for persons spirited in authenticity to live boldly and alive. It is my belief that we are all made to create in our own way and walk our own unique journey. Seven G’s invites all, as brothers and sisters, to rid ourselves of what no longer serves, toss out fear, and dance along with courage. I hope you can find your own rhythm in life with Seven G’s apparel to enhance your awakening lifestyle. 
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